3 Secrets of Footballers’ Exercise Routines 


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Footballers are physically fit, and they have to be. When they are training, and focusing on exercising, they will mix and match what they do, when, and why. The key to keeping your exercise fresh is, after all, mixing it up and trying something new and exciting. Only then will you want to continue. 

Footballers’ exercise routines adapt and change. One month they may find they are focusing on building strength, and in another, they may find that they are focusing on losing weight. The secrets to successful exercise routines followed by footballers lie in the variety, and in the approach. 

Utilizing a wide range of equipment, and focusing on sustainability is also important.

1.) Routines Will Vary

Not all footballers will have the same routine, and not all routines will be used throughout the year or season. Switching things up, and being flexible is what a footballer must be at all times.  After all, sometimes footballers’ exercise routines focus on increasing strength, or they look at increasing resistance and building up speed. Learning to adapt to changes in exercise routines, and learning why change is important, is essential for footballers of all standards. The secret to success in routines that all footballers follow is to be versatile, and willing to change. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo’s routine may vary from Messi’s routine.

2.) Why Footballers Use Weights in their Routines

As well as focusing on running and resistance, footballers also focus on using weight lifting and weight training within their exercise routines. When they use weights they strengthen bones, and they build core strength too. Introducing and using equipment such as Mirafit kettlebells gives footballers the opportunity to work on their strength in the dressing room, or even on the pitch. Kettlebells can be used when running, and when training solo, or in pairs, and this is why they are so versatile to use in exercise routines. As the intensity and strength of kettlebells can be increased (over a period of time) you will find that footballers (and their coaches) have no trouble in using and building routines around using these types of weights.

3.) Don’t Forget the Diet

Even though the exercise routine is important for all footballers, it should be said that diet is just as important. Eating, and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet will help you succeed in your exercise routine, and help you to sustain the intensity of your workouts. The diet that you consume is fuel for your body. If you are not giving your body the fuel that it needs you will struggle to achieve success. Achieving the right balance with your diet can be difficult, especially if you do not know where to start. Focusing on a better diet should be one of the areas that you start focusing on. Seeking the advice and support of a nutritional consultant to help you prepare and plan meals will help you get your diet right for your sport, and for your goals.


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