Dominant Fernando Alonso wins Le Mans 24 on debut


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A lion-hearted driver in the tectonic world of Formula 1, a real fighter off it, is there anything that Fernando Alonso cannot do?
It could be argued that two back-to-back years of a literal ‘no-show’ in the McLaren of 2017 and 2016 may have turned racing fans into atheists had it been any other driver scrambling in a literally undrivable car.

But it was Alonso, the fans were, excitedly hooked on.

You don’t give up on the demi-gods, do you? In a sport that often leaves nothing to one’s imagination, Alonso kept trying albeit frustration and the fans kept raising placards of hope and support in his name.
There were moments that only he could’ve delivered.
For instance, when the fight for ninth in 2017 at the Interlagos took place with Lewis Hamilton, who would eventually drive himself up into fourth, Alonso made sure the Briton worked every inch of his skin to get past him.
In the fighting stages, the Briton knew he was against a vastly superior driver in a vastly underpowered car.
For instance, the fight for ninth in 2017 at the Interlagos with Lewis Hamilton, who would eventually drive himself up into fourth. In the fighting stages, the Briton knew he was against a vastly-superior driver in a vastly underpowered car.

Earlier in 2017, Alonso delivered a near master-class

Which other drivers could’ve delivered a P6 in that recalcitrant piece of fiber and fuel called McLaren at the Hungaroring wherein he also set the fastest lap?
Kimi wouldn’t have done it.
Lewis may have arguably chided and thank god, Vettel didn’t have to see the days Alonso did.
He’s proven himself to be a double-world champion in the back-breaking competition of Formula 1. He aced his very first attempt at the World Endurance Championship wherein at Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium Alonso secured his maiden win yet again with a Japanese marquee in Toyota.

Fans wondered what could Alonso do again?

And he responded. But, around a fortnight ago, there were dull faces at Circuit De Catalunya where local hero Fernando Alonso finished in a lowly P8 in that McLaren of his.
There would be even more disappointment in the wings for fans as the Spaniard registered a mechanical DNF at the Principality of Monte Carlo. At a track where overtaking is nearly discounted from racing, Alonso, all felt, would have loved to have a go so to enter the points.
But all of that disappointment- including that of his team and those of his adoring fans- would be turned into a stellar moment as Fernando Alonso trumped in his maiden effort at Le Mans 24.

“I love to race and I love to win”

Having already attempted the Indy 500 last year, Alonso became one of the rare motor-racing drivers to collect a brilliant and powerful troika of F1, WEC and, Le Mans wins.
He has proven that if he sets his sights on something, there’s nearly nothing that he cannot achieve.
It may have occurred like a flash in the pan moment for the Spanish driver wherein he drove around ferociously in that TS050 Hybrid for straight six hours at Spa.
But Alonso’s latest, indomitable triumph at the prestigious Le Mans 24 seems to have etched his name in gold in racing history.

Toyota had never won a sports-car race despite years of trying

Forget even thinking of winning a prestigious event.
But when Alonso got behind the wheels of the checkered marquee in motor-racing, the unforeseeable happened. Winning ahead of other experienced hands in Sebastian Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima- both former F1 drivers- Fernando Alonso delivered a mighty win.
But that said, what will impress and excite fans ever further would be the prospect of El Nino competing for top honours and podium finishes ahead of the season, with seven races already completed.
But for that to happen, the starting point would be a reliable car. Can Alonso expect something much improved ahead?
He is here to deliver. But the team behind McLaren’s 2018 uncertain car has to answer.


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