How to Play Tennis Like a Pro?


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You remember that feeling when you are playing a game, and suddenly everything clicks? You don’t need to think about what to do next, your body just takes over. That’s the feeling we want every tennis player to have on the court! We will like you to feel confident in your skills so you can focus on enjoying yourself and having fun.

So here are 9 tips for improving your tennis skills:

  1. Practice your serve: To be a good tennis player, you need to practice your serve. A lot! You will come across many tips on how to practice your serve, but our favorite way is by using a tennis ball machine. These machines are great because they fireballs at you at the perfect speed and height every time, so you can pay attention to all your energy on serving without having to worry about adjusting for something else.
  2. Improve your groundstrokes:
How to play tennis like a pro
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It’s always good to work on different strokes as this will keep you from getting too predictable! So what better thing than improving your groundstroke? You should try running around a net while hitting backhands just like it was singles play! And don’t forget those volleys- if anything, we need more consistency with tricky shots like these which means that doing them often will make them easier next time around.

3. Focus on the fundamentals of tennis:  It’s always good to go back and work on the basics of your game. You will be astounded by how well you learn when you take a step back from what feels natural. And who knows, it may just give you an insight into how little we may know about our own sport! So make sure to focus on fundamentals of tennis like your grip, stance, and serve before you move on to more advanced tips.

4. Play doubles instead of singles to improve your skills: 

When you’re playing singles, it’s all about your own skills. But in doubles, you need to work with a partner and coordinate with them on what shots to hit next. This means that when you play doubles, your game will improve faster as there is more variety involved. It also helps you work on your communication skills as you need to be able to talk about what move to make next.

5. Try different shots: When you’re playing tennis, there are a lot of different shots to choose from. But many beginners only learn how to do the same few over and over again. You need to be able to switch it up so that your opponent is always guessing what you’ll do next! Shots like the lob, drop shot, slice, and more are worth learning how to do.

6. Play around with angles:  

When you’re playing tennis, your opponent will always be on the other side of the net. You need to make sure that when you hit a shot, they can’t just step into it and return it easily back over! This means working out what angle is best for each situation so that you can keep them guessing.

7. Play around with height:

Playing at different heights is also an important skill in tennis. You want to try hitting high shots as well as low ones so your opponents don’t know how to judge where their next move should be made from. If they are expecting all your shots to either be really high or super low, then once you switch things up by doing something else (like serving wide), they’ll have no idea what to do. The tallest tennis players have the edge over their opponents because they can hit the ball from a higher vantage point, and there’s more time to react.

8. Watch professional matches to learn from the pros: 

Watching a match is always an interesting way to learn tips and tricks on the game. Even if you don’t understand what’s happening, there are still some things that can be used in your own matches. For instance, if you notice how fast one player hits their shots or how far back they stand while waiting for their opponent to serve, then it may help you out as well!

9. Try different grips: 

One thing that will improve how powerful your serve is which grip you’re using on the racket, so experiment with what feels comfortable for you.

  • The Continental Grip is one where you grip the racket more like a pistol and have your palm perpendicular to the handle of the racket. Your fingers will be wrapped around with all tips on top at an angle toward your body. This type of grip can help players who want to hit heavy shots because they control them better than if their hands were in another position, but it doesn’t allow for too much spin on those shots, which means that these types of serves are very flat and low contact points (elbow bending).
  • The Eastern Grip has a higher contact point compared to its crossovers. This is because the Eastern Grip has its tips all on top of each other but not perpendicular to your body with how it hangs off your hand. With this grip, players are able to control their shots better and have more spin than those who use the Continental Grip (which means that these serves can be very high if they want).
  • The Western Grip has a lower contact point than its counterparts. This is because the tips are all on top of each other but perpendicular to your body (which means that this grip allows for more spin and height in shots). This grip also has a larger sweet spot and can be used in different ways.
  • The Semi-Western Grip is one where you’d hold a tennis racket like in a Western grip position, except you’ll put pressure against the handle as opposed to just wrapping around it loosely from time to time. You’re going for fewer contact points by keeping pressure on them no matter what kind of shot or serve you might do at any given moment.


Playing tennis well is a lot like playing the piano or any other instrument. You need to practice in order to get better and be able to do it with ease. So ensure you have a good grip on your racket and start practicing tips to get better at tennis.


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