Iceland Cricket Offers Exciting Opportunity To Ambati Rayudu


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Talent, it is often said, the key essential to a man’s success. But what if it isn’t utilized well? What’s talent at the end of the day if it’s not able to find a platform from which to deliver? In that regard, the somewhat jilted, unsettling journey of Ambati Rayudu serves a case in point.

Ambati Rayudu may want to loathe his stars

How often has one seen an exciting talent go to waste? Where the Indian cricket serves an example then several names strike the mind. These include majestic red ball talents of the class of Vinod Kambli, Amol Mazumdar, Wasim Jaffar, and the likes. All fine stroke-makers of their day. But none would go on to forge a path toward cricketing longevity. And sad it is to say that the name of a certain Ambati Rayudu may also join the list of some incredible batsmen who may have had long-standing careers had their journey not deteriorated.
33, you might say isn’t exactly the age where one considers slowing down or taking a step back from active cricketing duties. But what can one possibly say about a batsman who put everything into his game to up his craft and hone the very best he could learning from talents all around him- Dhoni, Kohli, Dhawan, Rohit (you name it) and yet failed to secure a permanent spot for himself?
Being in the prime of his form and fitness and still unable to make it to the ongoing 2019 World Cup, Ambati Rayudu you’d think would much rather pen a book of “what it means to be rejected despite not doing a thing wrong!”
After all, this is a batsman who hasn’t scored ever under 44 (average) ever since he wielded the cricket bat in international cricket starting from 2013. Yet, he won’t find himself on the flight to England where truth is told, important names such as MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav have often failed to strike.
In lines with his world cup snub and let’s accept it- a strange, indifferent treatment extended by his own cricket board- Iceland Cricket have offered an opportunity to the Guntur-born bat.

So what is it exactly?

Iceland Cricket are keen to capitalize on Ambati Rayudu’s rejection. A cricketing structure from a faraway land has actually offered Ambati Rayudu permanent residency in their country so that he can play for their team.
Sounds legit? Well, it is. Take a look at the Tweet by Iceland Cricket.

Ambati Rayudu
So bat for Iceland now, Ambati? (Twitter)

That said, strange and out of some random drawer as the offer may read, it may not exactly be a poor idea if Rayudu does consider moving to the cool part of Europe, one thinks.
For the love of cricket, his admirers- few that he was able to turn the heads of given his burning passion to don the blues having scored 10 fifties and 3 hundreds- if nothing works out for Rayudu, he may want to consider Europe.


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