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When MS Dhoni put country first ahead of everything else!

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Former Indian cricket team skipper MS Dhoni is perhaps one of the greatest Indian cricketers to have graced the field. A born leader and a serial winner, the veteran cricketer doesn’t need new introduction. Dhoni has been one of the most celebrated cricketers in terms of both individual and team achievements.

A winner of all the ICC Trophies as a skipper earlier, Dhoni continues to be an integral part of the Indian cricket team in the white-ball format. He is set to be seen next in the ICC World Cup 2019 to be held in England and Wales. Dhoni’s popularity among the masses and the love he garners is quite the dream of every sportsperson. 

Dhoni is supreme both as a cricketer and a person. He is respectable all across the cricket fraternity. His gentleman attitude and calm persona has rubbed off well among the others. A person that has been honoured with many prestigious awards, Dhoni deserves a shout for all that he has achieved in his life.

We all know how Dhoni made it to cricket going through all the struggles. His tough mentality and putting in that extra effort makes him stand out as a person in life generally. Dhoni is someone who has always been a team player and that made him a successful leader. He just understands the game so naturally. He helped India win the ICC World Cup 2011 and played a massive role in the finale.

Besides this, he also guided India to the World T20 title in 2007 and the Champions Trophy in 2013. Winning has never been the sole motto of Dhoni’s life. He has been a bigger personality than just that. He isn’t someone that always wanted the trophies and the glamour. The way he conducted himself off the field highlighted his simplicity and vision as a person.

He has always put his country first and led the side well. From his calm persona to his cool attitude, Dhoni isn’t just someone, who is just focused on on-field results and happenings. There have been many instances where Dhoni has shown his love and respect towards India and that makes him a thorough leader, whom we all look up to and gain so much from.

Here we look at instances where Dhoni did things solely for the nation first.

You don’t play for the crowd, you play for the country: MSD

Dinesh Karthik and MS Dhoni applaud each other after India’s victory in Adelaide. (Image: Twitter)

In the year 2011, MS Dhoni had said an important thing after India’s loss to South Africa in a group encounter at the 2011 World Cup. Dhoni said, “You don’t play for the crowd, you play for the country.” That statement has been a true one and it reflects in the manner in which he carries himself. Dhoni went on to play significantly and inspired the side after lifting the World Cup that year.

Last year he was booed in England by the fans, but Dhoni never brought all these into considerations and kept focusing on his game. Over the years, many have questioned his abilities and criticised him when the chips were down. But Dhoni has never been bogged down. Till date he has stayed true to this quote that became one of his most inspirational ones.

Dhoni stayed back in Australia despite birth of child

MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi with their daughter Ziva. (Image: IBTimes)

Every cricketer like a normal human being loves their wife. We often see cricketers’ wives travelling with the players around the world when tours are on. When it comes to a birth of a child, many cricketers or sportspersons always rush back home even for a day to be with their newborns. But Dhoni decided against the same when the opportunity came in 2015.

Dhoni’s wife Sakshi gave birth to their first child Ziva on February 6, 2015. It was just two days ahead of India’s warm-up match. Dhoni chose not to fly back home, but he rather stayed with the Indian team in Australia to prepare for the World Cup.

Dhoni, who was leading the Indian side, was then asked whether he missed being in India for child birth. The Indian skipper had answered, “But as of now I am on national duties so I think everything else can wait. The World Cup is a very important campaign.”

Just the sort of dedication and inspiration someone can have towards his nation.

Dhoni and his helmet: A crucial point

MS Dhoni during an ODI match. (Image: AFP)

Fans must notice that several batsmen have flags on their helmets. From Sachin Tendulkar to that of Virat Kohli, players had a flag stuck on their helmet to show respect and honour. But Dhoni in the other hand has never donned a helmet with a flag on the same. Why?

Well since he is the wicket-keeper, he has to keep his helmet on the ground while being behind the stumps. He doesn’t want the flag to touch the grass. 

A National flag is a symbol of great honour and respect, so it can’t be placed on ground as the law states. That’s a true conduct. Hence either you don’t put the helmet with the flag on to the ground or you don’t put the flag on the helmet at all. Dhoni chose the latter.

Such is his knowledge and alertness with everything.

When Dhoni won the Padma Bhushan

Last year the veteran cricketer was awarded the Padma Bhushan and he received the same wearing a uniform. Now MS could have chosen to come in formals or a traditional attire to receive the award. But no. Dhoni being Dhoni, chose the uniform instead.

And he later took to Instagram and said, “An honour to get the Padma Bhushan and receiving it in Uniform increases the excitement ten folds. Thanks to all the Men and Women in Uniform and their families for the Sacrifices they make so that all of us could enjoy our Constitutional Rights. Jai Hind.”

When a fan came running to touch his feet, this happened!

There was a moment in the recently concluded series against New Zealand when a fan came running towards Dhoni when India were fielding. The fan had a national flag in his hand and he went running to touch Dhoni’s feet. What happened next was Dhoni went straight for the tricolour as he didn’t want it to touch the ground.

The video shows it all!

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