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Online Football Betting- How to do it in 2022

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The two popular sports in online sports betting are football and cricket. Although cricket has a big fan base, football is still the most followed sport in the world due to its global reach across 200 countries and an estimated fan following of over 3.5 billion. A lot of football tournaments are scheduled in 2022, like the EFL Championship, Carabao Cup (EFL Cup), Indian Super League, and the mother of all football tournaments, FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar, and many more. Most betting enthusiasts love to place a bet on football as it has a large betting market with many betting websites offering special deals and betting odds. Let’s go through an online football betting guide for 2022 to help the betting enthusiasts fetch maximum rewards.

A small introduction on how betting works

The betting websites set the odds, representing the ratio between the stake and winnings on a given outcome if you decide to place a bet on football. Based on your preference, they are usually represented by a fraction like 2/1 or a decimal like 2.00. So, for example, if an odd says 2/1, and if you manage to win the odd, you will get 2 times the original amount you wagered. 

Choosing a football betting website for the new season in 2022?

The winnings and playing experience in online sports betting largely depend on the betting website chosen. Before finalizing the website, go through reviews, legality, user feedback, payment options, bonus and promotions offered, and other aspects. If you choose a fraudulent website with a bad reputation, then the chances of losing the betting amount or withdrawing the winnings are very high. Here are some of the best websites to place a bet on football. 

  1. Marsbet
  2. Betway
  3. Pure Win
  4. Bet fair 
  5. Bet Bull 

How football betting works

There are hundreds of football matches to be played in 2022, which allows the websites to create a host of betting markets for participation with a huge variety of odds. They will give their winning amount on the results and other events occurring within the match. The different events considered for bets are the total number of goals scored, winning margin, cards or bookings, whether both teams will score or not, potential goal scorers, goals scored or conceded by competing teams, etc. 

Several online sports betting websites offer special bonuses and betting odds to give you the best value bet on football. Once the match’s outcome is established and you manage to beat the odds, you will be able to withdraw the pay-out. It includes the original betting amount and winnings from the odds.

Popular bets on football 

  1. Match bet: It is a basic form of football bet where you have to pick the winning team of a match. You are allowed to choose three different options like team 1 wins, team 2 wins, or a draw. There is one crucial point to consider that the match bet pay-outs are only applicable to 90 minutes play and if the scores are level, then draw odds win irrespective of the results achieved through extra time or penalties.
  1. Bet builder or same game multi: It is relatively new to online sports betting in football but in recent times has gained a lot of popularity among betting enthusiasts. Bet builders are stakes-placed for a group of outcomes accumulated from a single match. Although these are less likely to happen due to the number of outcomes involved, they are ideal for experienced betters who know both teams. Also, these are excellent for placing small bets at bigger odds that are realized by grouping numerous results like yellow cards, corners, and goal scorers, unlike betting on individual markets.
  1. Player Props: It is a bet on football based on a detailed set of markets focusing on the number of shots, player abilities, tackles, and offsides. The other interesting bets included in this group are corners, free-kicks, and throw-ins, and the pay-outs depend on the betting website chosen.
  1. Asian Handicap Bet: Here, your choice has a handicap removing the possibility of a draw as a bet.  The website gives each playing team a + or – figure to represent their handicap.
  1. Double Chance: In this type of bet on football, you are allowed to wager on 2 or 3 outcomes of a game to boost your winning chances. The possible combinations include,
  • Draw or home team victory 
  • Draw or away team victory 
  • Home or away team victory 

If any of your combinations win, the website will pay you the winnings. But the odds are lower than single match outcomes since chances of winning are high. So, this type of bet on football is ideal for betting enthusiasts who play safe.

Bet on football offers a wide range of betting markets that will allow you to wager at different odds and risks as per your choice. Even with thorough research, strategies, and game knowledge, online sports betting outcomes may not turn out as you wish. So, start with lower-risk football bets, and as you become more accustomed and confident, go for higher odds to win big.

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