Should F1 go ahead with the Miami Street Circuit for 2019 season?


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Anyone who thought that Formula 1 was just about speed and menacing rivalries, is in all likelihood, going to get schooled. The period of waiting and the time of mulling over a prospective development, it seems, is over.

Come 2019, F1 might include the Miami Street Circuit on its roaster.

Implicit to the heart of F1 is a suddenness that defines key events. Whether those are opening lap accidents or successful final lap overtaking manoeuvres that pay off. And therefore, it could be said, in absolute suddenness the decision to go ahead with what might be the second grand prix in the United States seems likely to have been sealed.

And it’s not hard to gauge why F1’s tumultuous decision has left fans divided

There are those who think the inclusion of the Miami racing street- a hardcore street circuit- on the F1 calendar is as bizarre a move as Ferrari’s second-driver policy with regards to Raikkonen. The move, seemingly circumspect is being met with doubts perhaps because Miami has never previously held a grand Prix race before.
Even as it has held a motor race previously in 2015 as part of a Formula E (electric) event, it’s been three years that any racing car has gone wheel to wheel in one of America’s principal party capitals.

Adding to the circumspect approach, is a long-list of ‘what- ifs’

As fans ponder over a racing track they’re only getting to know- doubts persist about the layout of a track, hitherto seeming confusing exacerbated by the presence of a long bridge section. This leads fans to wonder what might happen there in case of an accident?
How soon can debris, in the event of an unforeseen collision be cleared?
There’s no answer yet.

Here’s what’s more confusing regarding Miami Grand Prix

Even now, the grand prix of Miami as an entity sounds more synonymous with previous adventures at the Oval circuit at Homestead, Florida, which has hosted for a period of 14 years (1996-2010) Indy racing leagues. F1, therefore, will have to corroborate in its promotional exercises some branding and marketing moves to expand its envelope in undoubtedly a sweltering new location.

But what justifies the inclusion of the Miami Grand Prix?

The pinnacle of motor-racing is at an interesting stage in the present era. In an age marked incessantly by an intersection of skill and technology, it’s obvious for F1 to find newer avenues to fill.
There’s both a great sense and purpose in expanding to newer zones; arguably greener pastures that can drive revenues. On its own, the United States is forever bustling with motor racing action.
Why a Miami Grand prix seems a sensible move is because F1 has already expanded it’s American wings to Texas. Moreover, new leadership- Liberty Media- is constantly scouting for newer resources and the paraphernalia in a bid to further popularise the sport.
Austin, it is believed, is churning fine numbers with regards to the US Grand Prix. Stars like Lewis Hamilton and German Sebastian Vettel have already established fan-bases here and the former is expected to galvanise F1’s presence in Miami.
Moreover, you’d rather follow a tried and tested formula than go berserk in your intent to expand your horizons. The US is home to literally year round motor racing action with the IndyCar and NASCAR racing being arguably common staple racing events followed with unbridled enthusiasm.

To sum it up

Die-hard fans of F1; their Pied Piper will eventually follow wherever the entourage arrives, it is hoped.
So what seems to be a wild hunch as of now, may just work sometime in the future. Although cynics, and they can’t be blamed, may suggest that new additions to racing roasters for instance, Russian Grand Prix at Sochi have  produced relatively sedate runs thus far. So what difference will another new track possibly bring to a sport willing to embrace change?


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