What Is F1’s 2022 Show And Tell Idea All About? Read All About It Here


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A lot about Formula 1 is known and can be expected, for instance- street circuits will, more often than not, produce memorable Grands Prix, provided one team completely gets it all right whilst the others miss out.

What’s also known about Formula 1 is, especially what the 2021 season proved, is that it’s a fool’s errand to underestimate drivers we call ‘aged.’

The record for most overtakes this season doesn’t belong to Hamilton or Verstappen, or Norris or Stroll. It’s the troika of Alonso, Kimi and Vettel that’s bagged 116 and 115 (for the Finn and German) overtakes, the highest this year, respectively.

But like things known, there are also those that belong to the realm of the unknown. For instance, what might happen to a certain Sunday’s Grand Prix if the supposed inclement weather turns completely berserk and it begins to rain incessantly?

And in between the known and the unknown dangles Formula 1, unfurling memorable tussles and sometimes, incomprehensible race results.

But much like things that rest in the lap of uncertainty, there’s something about the next or brand new season that still remains to be known and understood properly and it concerns the F1 teams directly.

So what is it and what are we trying to understand about F1 in 2022, specifically speaking?

Apparently the changes F1 has decided to bring to the sport aren’t yet fully known. That’s not to say that the rules and specifications have been changed again; it simply means that in order to fill the void between what is known and what isn’t yet fully about the cars (and teams) can be with the introduction of a new concept.

This, unofficially speaking, boils down to the induction of a new concept called F1’s “Show and Tell” idea, a concept specifically created to give more space for the media personnel to understand the personnel who work with Formula 1 teams.

But just what is F1’s Show and Tell all about and what would it entail? Who better than Ross Brawn, the headlining figure of motorsport’s top flight to explain?

The following is what the F1 Director of Motorsports, Ross Brawn had to say on the matter- “What we’re doing on a Friday is a big session for you guys [the media] to have a look at the cars and talk to the personnel.”

But he would also touch upon how racing teams can bag a greater insight about cars and all the talent that goes behind making them and the dynamics associated with different teams.

“We’re pushing on with initiatives to get greater engagement and a greater insight into what’s happening. So next year, on a Friday morning, the cars will be presented to you. The teams will explain the changes they’ve made for that weekend and they’ll declare to the FIA the changes they’ve made. It will create another nuance and other interest in the sport, because the technical side of the sport is quite fascinating to a lot of fans,” concluded Ross Brawn.


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