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Who Is the Better Formula 1 Racer, Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen
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Despite Verstappen’s first win in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021, a new debate has sparked on which Formula 1 racer is better? Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton?

Formula 1 is one of the most thrilling and highly anticipated international racing where single-seater open-wheel formula racing cars compete against each other. Billions of fans wait for the event all year round. The top racing teams with phenomenal drivers are definitely favorites.

For years, Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, and Renault teams are rivals in Formula 1. That’s the reason whenever the event starts, the excitement for the fans reaches exceptional heights. Like every time, the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was a highly anticipated sports event.

Mercedes and Red Bull racers were head-to-head against each other and after one of the most thrilling racing events, Red Bull Max Verstappen won the race. However, the event sparked tons of controversies and comparisons of Max Verstappen with Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton.

Red Bull Max Verstappen

Max Emilian Verstappen, a 24 years young man is a Belgian Dutch racing driver belonging to the Red Bull team. Verstappen competes under the Dutch flag in Formula 1 with a Red Bull racing vehicle. At the age of 17, Max Verstappen took part in the 2005 Australian Grand Prix. This made him the youngest driver to compete in Formula 1.

Being born to Jos Verstappen, a former Formula 1 driver, racing is in the blood of Max Verstappen. In 2016, he started his campaign with an Italian team before being promoted to its parent team i.e., Red Bull.

Max Verstappen joined Red Bull as a replacement for Danii Kvyat, a Russian racing driver. At the prime age of 18, he won his debut in the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix for the Red Bull. This made him the first Dutch driver to ever win Formula One Grand Prix.

However, during the 2019 and 2020 Grand Prix, Max Verstappen came in the third position. But in 2021, Verstappen proved himself and won in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. This made him the first Dutch driver to win any Formula One World Championship.

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton

Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton is a British racing driver at an age of 37. In early 1998, Hamilton joined McLaren’s young driver program. Later with McLaren, he took part in Formula One, making him the only black driver to race in the series.

While being associated with McLaren, Lewis Hamilton became the youngest Formula One World Champion. Later in 2013, he signed with Mercedes. To date, Hamilton has won several titles and championships under the flag of Mercedes.

His impressive Formula 1 journey so far is exceptional due to continuous efforts and hard work. Hamilton holds a joint record of seven World’s Driver’s Championship titles. This ties him with the legendary Michael Schumacher, a former German racer.

Lewis Hamilton is the half-brother of Nicolas Hamilton, an English racer owing a specially modified car due to his cerebral palsy.

The Ongoing Controversy

It was Max Verstappen who won the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton came on the second position but his fans believe the judgment was unfair. Michael Masi, the race director allowed Max Verstappen to race the final track with newly-fitted soft tyres.

However, Lewis Hamilton continued with worn hard tyres. Spectators believe it proved as a game-changing moment when Verstappen overtook Hamilton in the final lap. Since Lewis Hamilton was denied his eighth World Championship title, the sorrow on his face was visible.

Who is Better Formula 1 Racer?

To date, Max Verstappen holds 20 wins and 1 world champion. While Lewis Hamilton has 103 wins and 7 world championships under his belt. Pole positions for Verstappen are 13 while Hamilton holds 103.

With 182 podium finishes, Lewis Hamilton is way ahead of Max Verstappen who has 60 till yet. On the other hand, the fastest laps by Max Verstappen are 16 and for Lewis Hamilton, it is 59.

It’s not easy to state which of the Formula 1 race is superior to the other. As Lewis Hamilton is way senior as compared to his rival, Max Verstappen. But there is a truth that shouldn’t be ignored!

Lewis Hamilton became the youngest Formula 1 racer to win World’s Championship. This indicates his level of professionalism and excellence in sports. Max Verstappen is learning but Hamilton already became a legend when he was young.

Formula 1 is all about strategy and the tactics to tackle down the rival while driving an incredibly challenging vehicle. Attentive minds with strong heads can win it!

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